I am very pleased when people notice my work and talk about it. Part of my life as a technologist is to help cut through reams of security baloney and explain things as clearly as possible to normal people in everyday language.

Over the years, my work has been extensively covered in the popular press. I am most proud of a long interview in  The Wall Street Journal entitled How to Make Safer Software published Monday July 18, 2005 as well as several appearances on TV, including a segment on MSNBC February 24, 2013.

I welcome press contact and continue to interact with the press on a regular basis.

Gary McGraw discusses Cyber War during "Up with Chris Hayes" 2.24.13 on MSNBC

Press Archive

Here is a sample of some other press stories.
2/21/2024 Episode 256: Recursive Pollution? Data Feudalism? Gary McGraw On LLM Insecurity, Security Ledger Podcast, Episode 256, Paul Roberts
2/14/2024 Microsoft says US rivals are beginning to use generative AI in offensive cyber operations, Associated Press
2/6/2024 Decipher Podcast: Gary McGraw on AI Security, Decipher Security Podcast, Dennis Fisher
1/29/2024 NIST joins “proceed with caution” chorus on AI, Medium blog, Taylor Armerding
1/24/2024 For AI Risk, ‘The Real Answer Has to be Regulation, Decypher, Dennis Fisher
1/24/2024 Researchers Map AI Threat Landscape, Risks, darkreading (lemos)
1/24/2024 Machine Learning Think Tank Warns of Serious Risks With Large Language Models, EIN News Press Release, BIML
1/19/2024 First Step in Securing AI/ML Tools Is Locating Them, darkreading
11/27/2023 EP150 Taming the AI Beast: Threat Modeling for Modern AI Systems with Gary McGraw, Google cloud security podcast, Episode 150
11/4/2023 White House AI Executive Order Puts Focus on Cybersecurity, Decipher (duo.com)
10/26/2023 IriusRisk Brings Threat Modeling to Machine Learning Systems, darkreading
8/18/2023 PKI Maturity Model Aims to Improve Crypto Infrastructure, darkreading (lemos)
8/13/2023 Don’t expect quick fixes in ‘red-teaming’ of AI models. Security was an afterthought, Associated Press
4/20/2023 Expert Insight: Dangers of Using Large Language Models Before They Are Baked, darkreading
2/3/2023 AI code assistants need security training, readme security (robert lemos)
1/23/2023 ChatGPT embraced by hackers, but some AI experts say it’s not botmageddon—yet, medium
1/11/2023 Better Phishing, Easy Malicious Implants: How AI Could Change Cyberattacks, darkreading
12/17/2022 Welcome, Font Robots, medium
2/15/2022 Machine Learning in 2022: Data Threats and Backdoors?, darkreading
2/2/2022 Expert Insights: Training the Data Elephant in the AI Room, darkreading
9/23/2021 IriusRisk expands its Technical Advisory Board with three new members, HelpNet Security
4/27/2021 Expect an Increase in Attacks on AI Systems, darkreading
4/27/2021 DtSR Episode 444 – TPA Gary is Awful at Retirement, Down the Security Rabbit Hole Podcast
3/30/2021 Gary McGraw on Building Secure AI Systems and His 20-Year Battle to Improve Software Security, MissionNorth
3/30/2021 In Clarke County, a small research group is working to make technology more secure, Winchester Star
3/29/2021 In wake of giant software hacks, application security tactics due for an overhaul, SC Magazine
3/26/2021 SolarWinds CEO gives chief security officer authority and air cover to make software security a priority, TechRepublic
3/26/2021 In Wake of Solarwinds Breach, the Challenge of Building Secure Software Remains, decipher
3/25/2021 Cocktails and Architecture (webinar), Irius Risk
1/29/2021 Berryville Institute of Machine Learning (BIML) Gets $150,000 Open Philanthropy Grant, darkreading
1/26/2021 Dr Gary McGraw Appointed to IriusRisk Threat Modeling Technical Advisory Board, Infosecurity Magazine
9/25/2020 Letter: Scare tactics have nothing to do with car repair, Boston Herald, September 25, 2020
6/12/2020 Cyberthreats in 2025 (a roundtable discussion), IEEE Computer 53(6), June 2020
4/13/2020 Next Front for Computer Security: Machine Learning, IEEE Innovation Spotlight
4/9/2020 15. How to secure AI against bad actors, We Wonder Podcast
3/31/2020 Episode 180: Gary McGraw on Machine Learning Security Risks, Security Ledger Podcast
3/11/2020 Security Guru Gary McGraw on What’s Needed To Secure Machine Learning Apps, Pure AI
2/21/2020 Want to improve quality and security of machine learning? Design it better, Medium
2/14/2020 BIML Releases First Risk Framework for Securing Machine Learning Systems, Cyberwire
2/13/2020 Architectural Analysis IDs 78 Specific Risks in Machine-Learning Systems, darkreading
1/25/2020 Tech expert: Don’t overlook security in rush to adopt AI, Winchester Star
1/23/2020 Expert: Don’t overlook security in rush to adopt AI, Northern Virginia Daily
1/22/2020 Security of machine learning topic of LFCC’s next Tech Bytes, Winchester Star
1/20/2020 LFCC talk to focus on technology, Fauquier Times
1/20/2020 Security of machine learning topic of next Tech Bytes, Northern Virginia Daily
7/17/2019 FTC’s “Nixing the Fix” Workshop hears concerns raised by Right to Repair advocates, Medium
7/16/2019 FTC’s Nix the Fix workshop video (see 1:39 for remarks), US Federal Trace Commission
4/30/2019 Introducing Securepairs.org: A Group of Security Professionals Who Support Right to Repair, IFixITOrg
3/22/2019 A conversation with software security pioneer Gary McGraw, Security Voices
1/17/2019 Local Habitat for Humanity chapter sees growth, Winchester Star
12/11/2018 Security 2019 Predictions (Part 6), DZone
12/9/2018 120 AI Predictions For 2019, Forbes
11/12/2018 What Can Retail Software Security Initiatives Gain from the BSIMM?, ITQuick
11/7/2018 Lessons from BSIMM 9: How cloud affects software security, TechBeacon
11/6/2018 SSD encryption security failures revealed by researchers, SC UK
10/27/2018 How To Prevent Your Business Becoming Collateral Damage Of Geopolitical Cyber Conflict, Forbes
10/19/2018 BSIMM9: A Decade of Software Security Science, Dzone
10/18/2018 Collective Intelligence Podcast, Gary McGraw on BSIMM9 and Supply Chain Security, Collective Intelligence Podcast
10/17/2018 Data science is changing how cybersecurity teams hunt threats, siliconrepublic
10/16/2018 BSIMM9 Study Highlights Impact of Cloud Transformation and Growth of Software Security Community, IT Security Guru
10/10/2018 Russian Cyber Attacks: Is the West Vulnerable?, Defence iQ
10/10/2018 Podcast: Key Takeaways For DevOps in BSIMM9, ThreatPost
10/9/2018 Cybersecurity: Not Just “A” Job – Many Jobs Of The Future, Forbes
10/9/2018 Google+ Privacy Snafu Leaves a Cloud Over the Tech Landscape, ThreatPost
10/3/2018 BSIMM9: Not a how-to but a roadmap to a better SSI, Security Boulevard
10/3/2018 Cloud, Containers, Orchestration Big Factors in BSIMM9, ThreatPost
10/3/2018 Latest Building Security In Maturity Model reflects software security initiatives of 120 firms, HelpNetSecurity
10/2/2018 Synopsys study highlights growth of software security community, Intelligent CISO
10/2/2018 Episode 114: Complexity at Root of Facebook Breach and LoJax is a RAT You Can’t Kill, Security Ledger
10/2/2018 Building Security in Maturity Model Expands for Cloud Era, eWeek
10/2/2018 Software Security Best Practices Are Changing, Finds New Report, ECT News Network
10/1/2018 Industry experts comment on Facebook security breach, intelligent CISO
9/29/2018 2.2 billion Facebook users must log out, re-login across devices: Experts, Times Now News.com
9/29/2018 Industry Leaders Reaction on Recent Facebook Hack, Information Security Buzz
9/29/2018 2.2 bn Facebook users must log out, re-login across devices: Experts, The Asian Independent
9/28/2018 Things get ‘seriously’ insecure yet again for Facebook, Security Boulevard
9/28/2018 Massive Facebook Breach Affects 90 Million Accounts, the Security Ledger
9/28/2018 Facebook Data Breach Impacts Almost 50 Million Accounts, ThreatPost
9/28/2018 ZUCKED UP Facebook hack LATEST – attackers got complete access to 50MILLION accounts’ profiles, posts, photos and messages in security breach, The Sun
9/28/2018 U.S. Vows To Go On Cyber Offense, Forbes
9/19/2018 US State Department Suffers Email System Breach, Silicon
9/19/2018 State Department Email Breach Hit Hundreds of Staff, InfoSecurity
9/18/2018 State Department confirms Data Breach, BW CIO World
8/20/2018 6 common habits that put you at risk for identity theft, NBC News
8/17/2018 Oracle Open-Sources GraphPipe to Support ML Development, ECT News Network
7/12/2018 Ghostbusters 2: how to deal with Spectre, the sequel, SC media UK
6/28/2018 Exactis Leaks Personal Information Database with 340 million Records, FIRE news
6/28/2018 Exactis Leaks Personal Information Database with 340 million Records, Businessworld CIO world
6/22/2018 No more selling mobile location data, promise carriers, TechTarget
6/1/2018 Federal cybersecurity report says nearly 75% of agencies at risk, TechTarget
5/22/2018 The four types of chief information security officers, livemint
5/8/2018 Shopper or shoplifter: Origins of the browser part 1, ITProPortal
5/8/2018 Build security into software up front: Believe it or not, it’s cheaper and faster, helpnetsecurity
4/10/2018 Cyber Expert Defines CISO ‘Tribes,’ Talks Software Life Cycle, Cyber Security Hub
4/10/2018 Task Force 7 Radio, episode 27 (starts 18:30), TF7Radio
3/21/2018 The State of SecOps 2018: Your security team matters most, Techbeacon
2/28/2018 The State of Application Penetration Testing, darkreading
2/8/2018 AutoSploit: Making Massive Cyber Attacks Too Easy?, eSecurityPlanet
2/1/2018 Software security measuring stick takes off, but is it all that?, TechBeacon
1/30/2018 Collective Intelligence Podcast, Episode 1 Gary McGraw, Collective Intelligence Podcast
1/17/2018 Two-year study explores the roles of information security leaders and how they are affected by organizational dynamics, Electronics Media
1/12/2018 The Week In Review: Design, Semiconductor Engineering
1/17/2018 Which CISO ‘Tribe’ Do You Belong To?, Dark Reading
12/22/2017 Predictions A – Z for 2018 – Dystopian or Utopian dawn?, SC Media UK
12/21/2017 Looking ahead in 2018 – Software integrity, automation and skills upgrading, FintechAsia
11/13/2017 With eroding perimeters, will software defend against cyber threats?, Medium
11/1/2017 US government wants “keys under doormat” approach to encryption, Naked Security
10/31/2017 Leukemia Cup: Celebrating 25 years of service, Scuttlebutt Sailing News
10/18/2017 SingCERT issues recommendations to enhance security of Wi-Fi systems in Singapore, Connected to India
10/18/2017 SingCERT recommends steps to secure Wi-Fi networks, International Business Times
10/18/2017 All Wi-Fi at Risk from Krack Attack, BW CI World
10/17/2017 Major Wi-Fi security flaw affects billions worldwide, including almost every Internet user in Singapore, The Business Times (Singapore)
10/17/2017 Hacks, Electronics Weekly
10/17/2017 WPA2 weakness means that every modern Wi-Fi network may be subject to attack, Continuity Central
10/17/2017 How to protect your Wi-Fi network from a Krack attack, Computer Weekly
10/17/2017 Major Wi-Fi security flaws affect billions worldwide, including almost every Internet user in Singapore, The Straits Times (Singapore)
10/5/2017 Russian Hackers Pilfered Data from NSA Contractor’s Home Computer: Report, Darkreading
10/5/2017 Fighting the cyber war in the digital age, What Investment
9/29/2017 Fighting the cyber war in the digital age, Information Age
9/21/2017 Benchmarking Critical Exercise in Early Stages of Software Security: BSIMM8, darkreading
9/21/2017 Software Security Maturity Ticks Upward in 2017, InfoSecurity Group
9/21/2017 New security data from Synopsys, cloud trends from DigitalOcean and a new APM tool from ZeroTurnaround — SD Times News Digest: September 21, 2017, SD Times
9/21/2017 BSIMM8 Study Reinforces Benchmarking as a Critical Exercise in Early Stages of Software Security Initiatives, Business Insider
9/21/2017 Never too early: Synopsys’ BSIMM8 study champions benchmarking in the early stages of Software Security Initiatives, IT Security Guru
9/12/2017 The three big questions Equifax hasn’t answered, Craig Timberg in the Washington Post
9/8/2017 Equifax data breach affects up to 143 million US consumers, Information Age
9/8/2017 Web App vulnerability enables Equifax breach affecting up to 143m in US, SC Media
9/8/2017 143 million could be affected by Equifax database hack, Mortgage Finance Gazette
8/7/2017 Congress looks to take the wheel on autonomous vehicles, Naked Security by Sophos
4/25/2017 APPSEC CA 2017 INTERVIEW – Gary McGraw, OWASP video
4/21/2017 Episode 44: Gary McGraw Knows Software Security, The Impact Podcast | Tech Trends for Entrepreneurs
4/3/2017 Free learning resources and tools for security savvy developers, SDTimes
3/21/2017 Q&A: Technology Expert AND UVa Grad Gary McGraw Talks Cybersecurity, UVA Today
3/1/2017 On the Wire Podcast: Gary McGraw, Heard On The Wire Podcast with Dennis Fisher
2/17/2017 What hackers can learn from Frank Zappa and T.C. Boyle, The Parralax
2/13/2017 GARY MCGRAW: SECURITY IS HARD WORK, Cyber Security Interviews podcast episode 13
2/12/2017 ITSPmagazine chats with Gary McGraw, Cigital CTO during AppSec California, ITSP Magazine, video
10/12/2016 Gary MCGraw on BSIMM7 and Secure Software Development, ThreatPost Podcast
10/11/2016 BSIMM7: Older then, younger now, CSOonline
10/6/2016 Taking down the internet: possible but how probable?, CSOonline
10/4/2016 BSIMM Shows Secure Software Development Making Inroads, darkreading
10/4/2016 Cigital’s BSIMM7 finds new industries taking on security challenges, SDTimes
07/13/2016 OCR’s HIPAA guidance on ransomware puts pressure on providers, Health Data Management
07/12/2016 Killing the password: FIDO says long journey will be worth it, CSO
05/24/2016 McGraw, Lohrmann, Stiennon Talk About How Washington Needs To Focus On Building Better Cyber Defenses, M2 TechCast
04/18/2016 Hack the Pentagon: Better if DoD made its systems secure in the first place, RT
04/11/2016 Some skeptical of Defense Department’s Hack the Pentagon pilot, San Francisco Chronicle
04/05/2016 5 Ways Cyber Experts Think the FBI Might Have Hacked the San Bernardino iPhone, IEEE Spectrum.
03/12/2016 Who Are the Bad Guys and What Do They Want?, O’Reilly.
03/02/2016 SSL ‘DROWNs’ In Yet Another Serious Security Flaw, darkreading.
02/09/2016 Medical Device, Health Care Security Continues to Ail, threatpost.
02/09/2016 Perspectives on the State of Software Security with Dr. Gary McGraw, IEEE Cyber Security.
02/03/2016 CERT Podcast Interview: Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM) – Practices from Seventy Eight Organizations, CERT.
01/05/2016 Microsoft’s New Security Approach, Redmond Magazine.
01/05/2016 The worst languages for app security bugs (and how to fix them), TechBeacon.
12/24/2015 Juniper firewall backdoors add fuel to encryption debate, Tech Target.
12/23/2015 Listen up, FBI: Juniper code shows the problem with backdoors, InfoWorld.
12/31/2015 2015: Security remains a stepchild, SD Times.
12/28/2015 Facing the future of software testing one change at a time, Tech Target.
12/13/2015 The Price of the Wearable Craze: Less Data Security, NBC News.
12/08/2015 Auto Cash Management newsletter.
11/24/2015 BSIMM’s Data-driven Approach to Software Security, eSecurity Planet.
11/23/2015 SAFECode Releases Framework For Assessing Security of Software, DarkReading.
11/16/2015 Ted Koppel: Apocalypse likely, CSO.
11/10/2015  Adobe Flash Bug Discovery Leads To New Attack Mitigation Method, Dark Reading.
11/09/2015  Healthcare In Last Place According To Security Maturity Model, BusinessSolutions.
10/31/2015  Podcast Tough and Tougher: IoT Security and Privacy, Iot-Inc.
10/28/2015 Podcast Gary McGraw on BSIMM6 and Software Security, Threatpost.
10/22/2015  Healthcare organisations fall short on software security, Techcentral.
10/21/2015  Health care orgs fall short on software security, MIS-Asia.
10/21/2015 Security information sharing gets even bigger with BSIMM6, MIS-Asia.
10/21/2015  Healthcare has ‘plenty to learn from other industries’ about software security, CMIO.
10/20/2015 Healthcare Security Benchmarked for First Time, Health Data Management.
10/20/2015 Measuring Secure Software Maturity, Forbes.
10/20/2015 Health care orgs fall short on software security, InfoWorld.
10/19/2015 Security Capability Engineering, 1 Raindrop.
10/19/2015  New study shows healthcare lagging behind in software security, Health Management Technology.
10/19/2015  No more guessing how your appSec ranks against your peers, Linkedin.
10/19/2015  HIPAA Not Helping’: Healthcare’s Software Security Lagging, Darkreading.
10/19/2015  Latest BSIMM Data Puts Health Care Back of the Pack, Threatpost.
10/19/2015 Cigital’s BSIMM6 finds software security lagging in industry, SD Times.
10/2/2015  EMV sets the stage for a better payment future, Network World.
10/2/2015  EMV sets the stage for a better payment future, InfoWorld.
9/22/2015  Free Tool Helps Companies Measure And Map Their Bug Reporting Programs, Dark Reading.
9/14/2015  We can still ‘Nail’ security in the IoT, Computer World.
9/11/2015  Podcast Gary McGraw on Scalable Software Security and Medical Device Security, Threatpost.
6/22/2015  Net of Insecurity: A disaster foretold and ignored, The Washington Post.
5/22/2015  Is security really stuck in the Dark Ages?, CSO Online.
5/21/2015  Podcast RSA 2015 -Gary McGraw Part 3: Internet of Things, Tech Target
5/21/2015  Podcast RSA 2015 – Gary McGraw Part 2: Cover your Portfolio (3D), Tech Target.
5/21/2015  Podcast RSA 2015 – Gary McGraw Part 1: IEEE CSD, Tech Target.
4/10/2015  Calls to make software designers liable for security weakness, Financial Times.
4/8/2015  Implantable Devices: Medical Devices Open to Cyber Threats, Risk & Insurance.
4/1/2015  Zone of protection: Hacker havens, SC Magazine.
3/30/2015  Meet the Bitter Liberals, Style Weekly.
2/24/2015  If you could go back in time…, CSO Online.
2/23/2015  RASP helps apps protect themselves, but is it ready for the enterprise?, Search CIO.
2/12/2015  Report: Microsoft packing more patches into fewer bulletins, CSO Online.
2/10/2015  Tracing cyber attacks: More than a game of Clue, IT World Canada.
2/9/2015  Whodunit? In cybercrime, attribution is not easy, CSO Online.
2/2/2015  Podcast 28: Securing our Web Applications, The Web Platform Podcast.
2/1/2015 Software Security – A Study in Technology Transfer, InfoQ.
1/12/2015  2015 Enterprise Dev Predictions, Part 2: Convergence, Security, Automation and Analytics, ADT
12/3/2014 Don’t Expect A Physical Threat From Iranian Cyberwarriors Anytime Soon, Nextgov.
11/11/2014 Does your system design eliminate the top 10 software security flaws?, Search Security.
9/19/2014 PodcastOWASP AppSecUSA 2014 – Keynote: Gary McGraw – BSIMM: A Decade of Software Security
9/4/2014 PodcastThe Myth Of The Private Naked Selfie, NPR.
9/3/2014 PodcastGary McGraw on the IEEE Center for Secure Design, Threatpost.
9/2/2014 IEEE: Top Ten Software Security Design Flaws, Dr. Dobb’s.
9/2/2014 Bugs Are Bad, But So Are Flaws: IEEE Sponsors Center for Secure Design, ADT Mag.
8/29/2014 IEEE Computer Society shares top security design flaws, SC Magazine.
8/29/2014 Focus is on software security design flaws, Information Security Soultions. RIP
8/29/2014 Focus is on software security design flaws, Datacentre Solutions. RIP
8/28/2014 The IEEE Center for Secure Design Reveals Top Ten Most Significant Software Security Design Flaws, Information Security Buzz.
8/28/2014 IEEE Guides Software Architects Toward Secure Software Design, Threatpost.
8/28/2014 IEEE reveals Top 10 software security design flaws (and how to avoid them), SD Times.
8/27/2014 IEEE Report Reveals Top 10 Software Security Design Flaws, Security Week.
8/27/2014 The top 10 security software design flaws and how to avoid them, Betanews.
8/27/2014 Google, Twitter and HP take the fight to the world’s top security flaws, ITProPortal.
8/27/2014 Google, Twitter, Intel and Others Form IEEE’s Software Design Center, InfoSecurity Magazine.
8/27/2014 Developers, Academia Team Up on Manual for Secure Software Design, eWeek.
8/27/2014 10 Common Software Security Design Flaws, Dark Reading.
8/27/2014 10 most significant software security design flaws, Help Net Security.
8/27/2014 Security experts identify top 10 software design flaws, ComputerWeekly.
8/27/2014 IEEE Center for Secure Design wants tech industry to stop ‘doing dumb stuff’, TechWorld.
8/13/2014 Yes, medical device security is lousy – so what?, NetworkWorld.
8/13/2014 Yes, medical device security is lousy – so what?, CSO.
8/7/2014 CSG Invotas Names Gary McGraw to Advisory Board, MarketWatch.
8/2/2014 What’s Bugging Cigital on Security Analysis of Medical Devices, Archimedes Research Center for Medical Device Security.
7/29/2014 New Cybersecurity Primer by the Center for a New American Security, Just Security.
7/29/2014 Security is Front and Center for Developers, SD Times.
7/24/2014 Some Things Should be Banned from the Internet of Things, Nextgov.
7/22/2014 Evaluate Aspiring Cyberwarriors Using Gaming, Not Grades, Nextgov.
7/21/2014 Living with Cyber Insecurity: Reducing the National Security Risks of America’s Cyber Dependencies, Lawfare.
6/10/2014 Security Survey Reflects Awareness, but Little Action on New Threats, The Wall Street Journal – CIO Journal.
5/28/2014 Report: Health-Care Sector Ranks Below Retail in Cybersecurity, The Wall Street Journal – CIO Journal.
5/7/2014 BSIMM and Building Software More Securely, BBC Radio. RIP
5/6/2014 Open Source: Thin Line Between Collaboration, ‘Chaos’, The Wall Street Journal – CIO Journal.
5/6/2014 The Morning Download: Patching Open Source Software Involves ‘Chaos’, The Wall Street Journal – CIO Journal.
4/11/2014 Here are the options with Heartbleed-flawed networking gear (Hint: there aren’t many), CSO.
4/08/2014 Microsoft XP’s massive cybersecurity problem, Politico.
3/21/2014 PodcastEpisode 366: Interview with Gary McGraw, Security Weekly TV.
3/15/2014 PodcastBug Parades, Zombies, and the BSIMM: A Decade of Software Security, Keynote Presentation at Booster Con.
3/13/2014 Google Glass: Evil by design? En kort reflektion fran Booster, inuseful.
3/11/2014 Bad Ads Outstrip Porn as Mobile Phone Infection Vectors, TechNewsWorld.
3/07/2014 Descending Into the Maelstrom – Notes on RSA Conference 2014, Carnegie Mellon CyBlog.
2/22/2014 PodcastTime for Enterprise IT to declare defeat in the Security war?, HP Discover Performance Weekly.
2/20/2014 Microsoft Goes Live with Office 365 Message Encryption, Redmond Magazine.
2/07/2014 PodcastCyber War, Cyber Peace, Stones, and Glass Houses, James Madison University Distinguished Lecture.
1/23/2014 Why smart users are the key to secure online banking, CSO.
1/14/2014 The RSA Conference boycott is nonsense, Computerworld.
1/09/2014 After Snowden, Computerworld.
12/09/2013 DevOps and Application Security: People You Need to Know, Trusted Software Alliance.
11/13/2013 Healthcare.gov will eventually be functional, but how secure?, CSO.
11/05/2013 Long live perimeter security, CSO.
11/04/2013 5 Obamacare Website Failures That Could Have Been Avoided, CRN.
11/01/2013 PodcastGary McGraw on BSIMM-V and Software Security, Threatpost.
11/01/2013 Cigital boosts latest BSIMM software security tool with expanded list of firms, Techworld.
11/01/2013 BSIMM-V: Software Security is Becoming Mainstream, EMC Product Security Blog.
10/30/2013 BSIMM Advancing Software Security, eSecurity Planet.
10/30/2013 Building Security In Maturity Model: Version 5 Released, Infosecurity Magazine.
10/30/2013 Software Security Maturity Plods Along, Dark Reading.
10/30/2013 BSIMM-V Examines Software Security Practices of 270,000 Developers, SecurityWeek.
10/10/2013 PodcastGary McGraw featured on The Price of Business, The Price of Business with Kevin Price.
10/01/2013 Dulles’ Cigital Gets $50 Million Payday to Buy Off Early Investors, Expand, InTheCapital.
10/01/2013 Preview of ‘Why Is Software Still So Bad?’ Event in Atlanta, Results Matter Radio.
10/01/2013 Cigital Making A Move To Atlanta, AJC Tech Biz.
10/01/2013 Cigital Secures $50M Investment from LLR Partners, Cigital.com.
10/01/2013 Shattered Trust: IT Survey Shows PRISM Allegations Have Brought Cloud Misgivings, Redmond Magazine.
09/28/2013 PodcastInternational Tech Company Bullish on Bloomington, Inside INdiana Business Television.
09/17/2013 PodcastHP Protect 2013 Keynote: “Bug Parades, Zombies, and the BSIMM: A decade of software security”, HP Protect 2013.
09/17/2013 PodcastHP Protect 2013 keynote interview with Dr. Gary McGraw, HP Protect 2013.
09/15/2013 Is cyberwar really war?, The Boston Globe.
08/28/2013 PodcastGary McGraw – Security and the Complexity of Today’s Software, Trusted Software Security Alliance – 50 in 50 Interview Series.
08/23/2013 How to close the IT security skills gap, HP – Discover Performance. RIP
08/06/2013 PodcastThe Inside Story with Gary McGraw, IEEE Computer Society.
07/23/2013 Senators pushing business-backed cybersecurity bill, The Washington Times.
07/23/2013 Kelly Services CIO Emphasizes Cybersecurity, Wall Street Journal CIO Report.
07/14/2013 PodcastBSIMM, Embedded Controls, and More with Gary McGraw, Tech Talk With Craig Peterson. RIP
07/04/2013 Hacking competitions seek cybersecurity superstars, BBC News.
06/17/2013 Why we can’t stop malicious insiders, CSO.
06/17/2013 NSA data collection programs demand discussion, scrutiny, SearchSecurity.
06/07/2013 Indiana University Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Gary McGraw, Indiana University Cognitive Science News.
04/25/2013 Indiana University School of Informatics Career Achievement Award: Gary E. McGraw
04/22/2013 Chinese Hackers, ‘Active Defense’ and Other Bad Ideas, Information Security.
04/15/2013 PodcastHow I Got Here: Gary McGraw, Threatpost.
04/11/2013 PodcastUse VBSIMM software security model when buying software, SearchSecurity.
04/08/2013 PodcastMobile app security issues demand trustworthy computing, SearchSecurity.
03/21/2013 Flaw Leaves EA Origin Platform Users Open to Attack, Threatpost.
03/19/2013 PodcastAmerica’s cyber war weak spot, Reuters.
03/12/2013 PodcastGary McGraw on evolution of BSIMM maturity framework, SearchSecurity.
03/08/2013 PodcastZombies and the BSIMM: A Decade of Software Security, RSA Conference 2013.
03/08/2013 PodcastMobile app security issues demand trustworthy computing, SearchSecurity.
03/07/2013 Managing Security Risk, the CSO Panel at RSA, Computing Now – IEEE Computer Society.
03/05/2013 CISO Panel: Speaking Klingon to Captain Kirk, Application Development Trends.
03/05/2013 Despite Latest Threats, Microsoft’s Cyber Czar Optimistic About IT Security, Redmond.
02/22/2013 Everyone knew what China was doing — now what?, InfoWorld.
02/19/2013 Chinese Army link to hack no reason for cyberwar, CSO.
02/06/2013 2013 Challenges for Developers, Part III: Future Challenges, Application Development Trends.
01/29/2013 Pentagon hiring binge won’t guarantee more security, CSO.
01/22/2013 Deb Shinder’s Blog: Thirteen principles to ensure enterprise system security, WindowSecurity.com. RIP
01/10/2013 While the cyber war tail wags the national security dog, software security offers a different path to cyber peace, CSO.
12/21/2012 Will BSIMM 4 Improve Software Security?, InternetNews.com.
12/20/2012 Software Security: BSIMM’s Holistic Approach, eSecurityPlanet.
12/20/2012 BSIMM’s gift: The 12 security days of Christmas, CSO.
12/20/2012 BSIMM’s gift: The 12 security days of Christmas, PC Advisor.
12/18/2012 HP sheds light on enterprise giants’ security know-how, V3.co.uk.
12/14/2012 Smart TV hack highlights risk of ‘The Internet of Everything’, CSO.
12/11/2012 The cyberwar doctrine debate: Meaningful without international sign on?, Network World.
12/03/2012 Gary McGraw gives industry overview during Dean’s Lecuture Series, RIT College of Computing and Information Sciences blog. RIP
11/29/2012 Software security expert visits local school, Democrat and ChonicleRIP
11/15/2012 Fidelity Invests In Secure Software Development, Dark Reading.
11/13/2012 PodcastGary McGraw on Cyberwar and the Folly of Hoarding Cyber-Rocks, Threatpost.
11/13/2012 Cyber War, Peace, Tomorrow, Kings of War Blog.
11/08/2012 Gary McGraw on National Cybersecurity, Schneier on Security Blog.
11/08/2012 PodcastGary McGraw on proactive defense, offensive security, IT Knowledge Exchange.
11/07/2012 Security experts push back at ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’ warning, CSO Online.
11/01/2012 Around the Web: Proactive defense prudent alternative to cyberwarfare, InformationWeek.
10/19/2012 Kaspersky’s Exploit-Proof OS Leaves Security Experts Skeptical, Slashdot.
10/18/2012 Kaspersky’s exploit-proof OS leaves security experts skeptical, CSO Online.
09/26/2012 Bank Cyberattacks Underscore Need for Security Processes, Wall Street Journal: CIO Journal.
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06/10/08 Podcast Network Security Podcast, Episode 107.
06/06/08 PodcastGary McGraw on secure software development, SearchSecurity.com.
06/06/08 PodcastGary McGraw on secure software development, SearchSecurity.com.
06/04/08 Protecting the Critical Infrastructure: Beware of Crimeware, BlogInfoSec.com.
05/07/08 Newspapers – Yesterday’s News for Yesterday’s People, 1 Raindrop.
05/08 In Search of Trust, Redmond Developer News.  RIP
04/29/08 What tech book are you reading right now?, Blogus Maximus.
04/24/08 Payment Card Industry standard under attack?, SD Times.  RIP
04/07/08 Addison-Wesley Professional Showcases The New School of Information Security at RSA 2008, press release.
03/17/08 Seven categories of software security flaws, ComputerWeekly.com.
03/17/08 Making software secure from first principles, ComputerWeekly.com.
03/12/08 Criminals step into virtual world, The Gazette (Canada).
02/19/08 HiR Reading Room: Hakin9 Magazine, HiR Information Report.
02/18/08 Top 10 Podcast Episodes, Eon Security Blog.  RIP
02/07/08 Exploiting Online Games, HiR Information Report.
02/06/08 Haxx0ring 4tw, The Joshua Tree.
02/08/08 Improving Software Quality, Software Quality Assurance Engineering.
01/31/08 The Daily Incite – January 31, 2008, Security Incite.
01/28/08 Do you see seven misunderstanding Zhendong network security (translated), CSDN.
01/20/08 Online Game Security, UW Computer Security Course Blog.
01/18/08 Information security makes the silver screen, Security Bites.
01/16/08 The State of Security in MMORPGs, Slashdot.
01/16/08 MMORPG Security, WarCry Network.
01/15/08 The Daily Incite, Security Incite.
01/12/08 Top 10 Tricks to exploit SQL Server Systems, Hacking Truths.
01/10/08 Hacking & the Academy Awards, DarkReading.
01/10/08 Software Security News, System Advancements at the Monastery.
01/07/08 The Daily Incite, Security Incite.
01/07/08 The New Face of Cybercrime
01/02/08 Top IT Conversations Shows for December 2007, Phil Windley’s Technometria.
01/01/08 Security researchers warn of dangers in online games, Massively.
01/08 Best Practices to Secure Your Code, Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine (also: Redmond Developer News).  RIP
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