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Security Firm Says Netscape Flaw Could Endanger Users’ Passwords Wall Street Journal, 12/15/99. Read It
Experts warn of security hole in Microsoft Java machine ComputerWorld, 10/14/99. Read It
Internet Explorer vulnerable to Java security problem CNET News.com, 10/14/99. Read It
New Security Hole in Hotmail Internet News, 09/13/99. Read It
Hotmail glitch may stem from oldest flaw of all MSNBC, 09/03/99. RIP
Microsoft Java machine could enable ‘attack applets’ ComputerWorld Online News, 08/31/99.
CNN Interactive, 09/02/99.
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Hotmail glitch shows Internet security poor Reuters, 08/31/99. RIP Yahoo
Security bug hits Microsoft Java Virtual Machine: IE 4.0, 5.0 security flaw could give hackers complete control over users’ machines JavaWorld, 08/30/99. Read It
Malicious Java code uses IE to access computers C-Net, 08/30/99. RIP
Security bug hits Microsoft Java virtual machine InfoWorld Electric, 08/30/99. Read It
‘A Flaw Worse Than Melissa’ Wired News, 08/26/99. Read It
E security hole could put surfers at risk C-Net, 08/25/99. RIP
Gloating Too Much Over Melissa Internet World, 08/01/99. RIP
Poison Java IEEE Spectrum, 08/99. Read It
Security First? The Industry Standard, 07/05-12/99. RIP
Java Hole Could Allow PC Takeovers Interactive Week, 04/12/99. Read It
Sun posts patch to fix Java 2 security flaw Infoworld, 04/08/99. Read It
Java Virtual Machine Security Flaw Revealed Internet News, 04/07/99. RIP
Laptops and languages: The need for robust design PC Week Online, 04/07/99. Read It
Net surfers: Beware of hole USA Today, 04/06/99. RIP
Security Experts Announce Flaw In Software Developed by Sun Wall Street Journal Interactive, 03/26/99. Read It
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Noise Interactive Week Online, 02/17/99. RIP
Trojan horses, hostile Java applets target home PCs USA Today, 01/26/99. RIP
Arrival of Java 2 Raises New Security Issues Internet World, 01/11/99. RIP
An Excel-Web Mix Can Lead to Big Problems, Says Security Firm Internet World, 01/11/99. RIP
Security flaws continue to surface ZDnet, 01/06/99. RIP
Fight holiday hacker mischief with these tips CNN interactive, 12/22/98. Read It
‘Tis the season for holiday-related hoaxes and hostile-content hacker mischief, Security Watch column InfoWorld, 12/21/98. Read It
Application and Enterprise Security With the JavaTM2 Platform Sun 12/98. Read It
Signing Java with Microsoft’s Authenticode developer.com 10/20/98. Read It
Signing Code with JDK 1.2 developer.com 10/15/98. Read It
Using the Netscape Object Signing Tool developer.com 10/08/98. Read It
Researchers finger Netscape/Java security hole Computerworld 07/20/98. Read It
Netscape Fixes Communicator 4.5 Hole TechWeb 07/17/98. Read It
Security hole found in Navigator C!Net 07/17/98. Read It
Researchers Find Hole in Navigator New York Times 07/17/98. Read It
JDK 1.2 May Breed Security Pitfalls InternetWorld 05/11/98. RIP
Hostile Applet Sparks Debate About Java Security Issues InternetWorld 05/11/98. RIP
Prober finds new Java flaws in Communicator developer.com 04/24/98. Read It
Securing Java and ActiveX Network Magazine, February 1998, pages 67-71. RIP
Securing Java and ActiveX Netscape Enterprise Developer, February 1998. RIP
A question of safety C!Net 02/19/98. Read It
Java security snake oil? NetworkWorld, 14(44), page 1, 11/3/97. RIP
Java Not Secure, Experts Claim WebWeek 3(36), page 41 11/3/97. Read It
ActiveX, Java holes a product of Internet time ZDNN 09/10/97. Read It
Security is in the eye of the beholder JavaWorld 2(9), September 1997. Read It
Security and the class loader architecture JavaWorld 2(9), September 1997. RIP
Let’s Talk about Java Security: An E-Interview with Dr. Gary McGraw MokaByte (Una rivista Italiana), July 1997. Read It
Java Applets Run Outside Firewall, a review of digitivity’s CAGE WebWeek 06/23/97. Read It
Java: Can you trust it? IntraNet magazine, a NetworkWorld supplement, June 97. Pages 30 and 32
Java experts wowed by work of bug hunters developer.com 05/20/97. Read It
Java kit includes security patch C!Net 05/9/97. Read It
Sun Micro to Repair Java Flaw Wall Street Journal, April 30, 1997. Read It
(Search on Java flaw.)
Princeton team finds Java kit glitch C!Net 04/29/97. Read It
Applet-signing loophole found in Java Development Kit 1.1.1 ZDNN 04/29/97. Read It
Java’s dark side: Possible security problems PC Week, April 28, 1997. Read It
A beginner’s guide to designing a Web site for electronic commerce Netscapeworld, April 1997. Read It
Java classes take a trip to the DumpMethods Java911 from Microsoft, April 1997. Read It
FM Interviews Gary McGraw FirstMonday, 2(4), April 1997. Read It
How Secure is Java? — An Interview with Gary McGraw (also has an article by Mark LaDue and a review of the book.) Information Security Bulletin, 2(2), pages 9-16 March 1997. RIP
Code Detectives WebReview, 03/24/97. Read It
MIPS-snatching apps: Threat may be benefit ComputerWorld, 03/17/97. Read It
Bug Hunting on the Internet Emerges as Hot Campus Sport Wall Street Journal, 03/14/97. Read It
(Search on Bug Hunting.)
One to Whom Internet Security is Academic, an interview with Ed Felten WebWeek 3(2) 01/20/97. Read It
(Search on the word Java.)
Experts underwhelmed by new Java crypto developer.com 01/16/97. Read It
Why JavaSoft already released another JDK 1.1 beta JavaWorld 2(1), January 1997. Read It
Java Jailbreak Packet/Simson Garfinkel Tech, 01/01/97. Read It
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